5 Minute Face System


It is supernatural when something complicated can be made so simple. Designed to give you three times the results twice as fast. In a world that complicates so much, it’s purpose is for your beauty to be naturally simple. The perfect start to a flawless look in just 5 minutes.

DIVINE WISDOM: It’s not just makeup. It’s a system where all things work together for good.

How to use it:  STEP 1: TRINITY- Conceal, correct and prime. STEP 2:  GRACE- Tinted Moisturizer  STEP 3: HOPE- Mineral Collage Powder STEP 4: VIRTUE- Mineral Blush. System includes our Signature Brush System for easy application.

Why we use it:

  • It is the perfect products applied in light layers for flawless coverage

  • Three times the results twice as fast

  • We believe beauty should be simple for all women

Romans 8:28